To dearest CFI and 'the secular movement'

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It's hard to take any of you seriously as intellectual activists when you indulge in high school bullshit. You should lobby the Science Channel for a reality show. For realsies.

Links via John and ERV. Very, very entertaining, particularly the post that starts: "Dear Rebecca, Fuck you."

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  • becca says:

    It doesn't do to take these things too seriously if you don't have a *need* to.

    Some of this is, as you put it, 'high school bullshit'. Group affiliation dynamics just play out that way.
    Some of it reminds me a great deal of what happens in feminism activist circles when the issue of white privilege comes up. There are, underneath the dramu, some real issues of scope-of-mission. And real people get hurt when people that agree with them on the importance of some high-minded value turn out to be total douchecanoes on other issues.

  • jeremy says:

    It's great fun to watch as it develops, particularly the staggered finger wagging from the Skeptic Hero Heavyweights. The most interesting thing about these tight. pointed intellectual/activist circles that's mostly missing among other, less "serious" groups is the process by which molehill becomes mountain in a community where a large portion of the members are socially inept by varying degrees. It snowballs into long "Defense of..." essays threading theory and circumstance, when a simple 'go fuck yourself' is probably sufficient.

    Banality begets banality, no matter how they dress it up with words.

  • drugmonkey says:

    Are you trying for meta with that comment?

  • jeremy says:


  • ERV says:

    ...high school bullshit...
    While its the kids who have handled this the best (the undergrads at the CFI leadership conference).

    I love irony!! *happy prospector dance*

  • jeremy says:

    Yeah, I agree. I liked the 'fuck you' post mainly because I think it's good for people involved in activism to go through that early, finding that apathy that results from BS like this and sitting with it a while. It tempers enthusiasm, which is often a barrier to accepting the whole picture.